The Secrets to Thriving at Home as a Working Woman

Imagine for a moment what your life would feel like if you could quit struggling at home… If you could get out from under the overwhelm, frustration, and embarrassment…

Imagine what it feels like to have your home life run smoothly so you have more time and energy to enjoy it all…

Its not a dream. Its my reality, and it can be yours too. Yes, even if you work.

This is what you’ll feel when you join the Sane SuperWoman Club.

When you’re struggling at home, life is miserable

Won’t it be great when you’re feeling calm, confident, in control AND you have the time and energy to enjoy life?

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Hi, I’m Carole. I’m the creator of,, and the author of Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, Perfect Fit Decorating and more…

I was a working, single mom for 20+ years, What I learned while working and raising my daughter will completely blow your mind when you see whats possible when we approach things in a new way that has not been taught before.

It is possible for a working mom to have a home that runs like a well oiled machine…The house is clean, there are fresh delicious meals on the table… You feel calm, confident and in control, and you have time to enjoy it all.

Here’s some of what you’ll do inside the club...

You’ll finally be able to relax because you’ve got it under control

Get your house clean, and keep it that way in just a few extra minutes a day

Put delicious meals on the table – fast!

Save a ton of money while eating restaurant quality meals at home with hundreds of fast and easy recipes

Explore the food and nutrient listings so you know exactly how eat to stay healthy

Find the healthy foods you and your family already like to eat.

Be blown away with the power of foods

Discover how you can solve many health issues with stuff you probably have in your kitchen.

Lose weight without dieting or feeling deprived, and keep it off for life.

Improve your mindset, motivation, self discipline and habits

Decorate on a budget

Indulge in free ebooks and mini-courses

And it just gets bigger every month!

Together we are recreating your home life so you can show up for your family and live a happier life that you are proud of.

Without all the flying garbage

I don’t know about you, but It really annoys me when I go to life hack or cooking or health sites and they are so filled with ads that you cannot find the article. These sites get paid for showing you ads, so they want to show you as many ads as they can.

How about those slideshows where you have to hunt for the arrow? Oh, and they place an ad with an arrow right there…How many times have you been duped by that one?

Try reading an article at Forbes online…UGH!

Its all so frustrating!

We don’t have time for that nonsense!

While their purpose is to make money, mine is to make your life better.

Here, you come and get the information you need and get on with your life – Fast and easy! No distractions! No ads! Its not some half-baked tips or life hacks. Its step-by-step all the way thru so you know exactly what to do.

Say you have a toothache in the middle of the can look up toothache and find remedies without distraction, so you can get rid of the pain and get back to sleep.

Or lets say you forgot to plan something for dinner. You’ll find easy solutions to whip something up fast.

Heck, I look up stuff every day.

There’s so much inside, I can’t describe it all. So instead, I’m going to let you nose around for a full month for free. After that its just $10 a month.

Lets create your happy, fulfilling home life together – Join us now!