1st Round Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning is the time when you do all of the heavy work that you normally would not do during regular house cleaning. While its still a little early to do some spring cleaning tasks, you can knock quite a few items off your to-do list in spare minutes here and there.

Start with a cobweb check and take a good look at each room. Pick the projects that you need to tackle first… Continue reading

Is your home ready for the holidays?

Holiday HomeOh yeah, the holidays are right around the corner. Its going to be November. We’re turning the clocks back. Boy, it just snuck up on us this year, didn’t it?

Here are some things you should be thinking about getting done this week –

Cleaning windows. Winter is gloomy enough without having to look out grimy windows too! Its amazing how much brighter and fresher your home feels when the windows are clean.

Got any decorating projects you’ve been meaning to finish before the holidays? Time to get moving. I’ve had more than one year where I was finishing up the night before Thanksgiving. Not fun!

Do a thorough deep clean through the house during the next week so your work load, and stress load are lighter. Get those corners and baseboards. Wash curtains and throw rugs.

If there is even a possibility that you might have overnight guests, make sure you have enough presentable bedding and towels on hand and clean.

Check that you have enough silverware and glasses. Check your tablecloths.

Start buying non-perishable items that you will need. It will be less stress on you and your budget if you start picking things up now.

Same goes for Christmas presents. Start keeping your eyes open for gift ideas and deals!

Every little thing you can knock off now will mean less stress later. And that will make your holidays a whole lot brighter!

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A sign of a wasted life or a sign of living with value?

Happy single momThis morning I saw another one of those viral posts going around Facebook.

It had a triangle with Clean House, Happy Kids, and Sanity as its 3 points.

Everyone hops on this crap. Everyone picks Happy Kids and Sanity – Oh yeah, me too…

If you’re like me, you need a clean house to keep your sanity, which will result in happier kids, right?  Continue reading