No Comments on Diarrhea

Personally, in the rare occasion that any of us have diarrhea, I prefer to use Immodium. It works and I’m not concerned with the couple times a year I might have to take it. Pepto Bismal sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

None-the-less, here are some natural aids –

Oat bran is a water soluble fiber that helps absorb water in the stool.

Yogurt helps re-establish healthy bacteria.

Green bananas


Salty foods to rebalance your electrolytes

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sorbitol (usually in candy), chilie peppers of any kind, high fructose corn syrup.


Please note that information provided here is not to replace your Doctor’s advice. It is meant as education. Do not stop taking any prescribed medications without consulting your doctor. Many medications must be weaned. Please use common sense.

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