Family Holiday Recipes from My Family to Yours

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A Danish version of the Christmas dinner.

A Danish version of the Christmas dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many families have traditional recipes that are handed down from one generation to another. My family is a little different.

My grandmother was a terrible cook when it came to daily stuff. But she made a really good ham, and delicious sweet potatoes. Well, the sweet potatoes were wonderful one we convinced her to stop putting the raisins and walnuts in them.

When it came to turkey – I didn’t have a mentor. My grandmother’s turkey was dry and awful, like most people in that time. I don’t remember my mom ever making a turkey. I was faced with making a turkey for my wealthy in-laws that did not like me in the first place. I cooked it the way the cookbooks said to – uncover the last half hour to brown. The turkey was dry and the day was a disaster.

I really don’t remember how I discovered the real secret – brown it first to seal in the juices, but my turkey has been great ever since.

Lemon Meringue Pie 1

Lemon Meringue Pie 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I don’t know where my grandmother came up with the Lemon Meringue pie recipe, but it has wowed people for many, many years. The lemon filling is creamy, not like that gel stuff. This pie is so good! And you have to use specific brand of milk.

There are always family secrets…

Even something as common as green bean casserole. The original recipe had soy sauce.

A lot of families don’t like to share their secrets. Being the best at making a special dish gives you some sort of magical esteemed position, you know? Some grandmothers took their recipes to the grave. How selfish is that?

I say we need to share!

Go ahead and steal my family secret recipes –

Presents, schmezents. Food makes the holiday!



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