Great gifts I have stumbled upon

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fat-face-2As I’m doing my shopping, I found a couple of great gift ideas and I thought I’d share them in case they could help you out too –

I picked the 2 way brewer as a birthday gift for my daughter for a few reasons –

  • She can use her own coffee and save money
  • She can make her single travel cup in the morning, but still have the option of making a pot on weekends or when company comes over without having 2 machines.
  • The carafe and the travel cup are included
  • The reviews were good
  • The price was not bad

I haven’t used it, but she says its awesome.

My niece has the popular expensive one and she says that it doesn’t even make a full cup. In our world a full cup is a mug. She has to use 2 cups to get a mug of coffee. It gets pretty expensive.

I got this one –

Here is the whole line up –

A friend turned me on to this one – Its the basic Magic┬áBullet set, and its a good price for a nice gift. The only thing that kind of stinks about this one is it says free shipping over $35. If you are buying more than one thing, you’re good.

I hope this helps!

(The picture above is when I was much younger, and a bit heavier. Thought you might get a kick out of it. My face was so round then! Weird.)

Please note that if you buy from these links, I do make a small commission. It does not change the price you pay – as a matter of fact, I search for the best prices – and it helps support this site. Thanks.

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    3 thoughts on “Great gifts I have stumbled upon

    1. Beth

      We’ve had the Magic Bullet for years. It’s a hard working machine.The system is easy to use and comes with everything needed- even a recipe booklet.The color rings make the cups fun to drink from. From making fresh salsa to chocolate mousse to alfredo sauce to green smoothies to chopping nuts the Magic Bullet does it all it quickly and easily. All ages in our household love it!

      1. Carole Post author

        Thanks for the feedback Beth. I’m sure that will help people that are considering giving this for a gift.


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