Grrr, sometimes the only way to find out the truth is to try it yourself

cereal-fruitI just read an info-ad (an article meant to sell something), from a well respected writer on weight loss. My jaw hit the floor.

He is saying that all of the common sense things people believe about losing weight is wrong. 

He first says that you should skip breakfast as a way to do an intermittent fast – a hot new thing you’ll be hearing more about I’m sure. He says it will rev your metabolism up and burn fat. Now you tell me – how do you feel when you skip breakfast? Full of energy and ready to go, or sluggish and weak?

Then he goes on to say that you should do most of your eating later in the day. That is horrible advice!

I know one girl who works an active physical job. She grows her own food and barely buys anything at the store. She doesn’t eat all day long, gets plenty of exercise, eats all natural food – she should be as skinny as a rail, right?

Her eating for the day is 7 or 8 at night, and then she goes to bed.

Her co-worker eats mostly garbage, but she grazes throughout the day. While she is still a little overweight, she is thinner. Now if we could just get her to eat healthier food…

Of course, the article author is selling some sort of magic formula that promises that you can eat what you want, never exercise, and still lose weight. Sigh, he has crossed over to the dark side. I closed the article in disgust and unsubscribed from his list.

What really upsets me is that people will read the article and follow this bad advice. He has been a well respected author for a long time. Some people might think that its OK, even good to let their kids skip breakfast.  And I guess when people gain more weight they might come back and buy his magic formula. It is the biggest rip-off industry.

Eat a balanced diet of real foods. Eat throughout the day. Get some exercise. Just like your grandmother told you. It still works. As a matter of fact, don’t eat foods that did not exist when your grandmother was growing up. For many of you, that knocks out most of your diet, doesn’t it?

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Yesterday I told you about the awesome designer burger that I created. Tonight I had Chicken Wraps with some fresh pineapple. 2 of those babies and I am again stuffed!

I can’t wait for it to get warmer. I am really missing my after dinner walks. Oh well, the resistance bands will have to do for tonight.

Its not hard to lose weight. Its just different habits. Does it look like we’re suffering? We eat great food all of the time! It takes a little time and effort to learn new habits, but isn’t that true for anything you want to accomplish in life?

It is so worth it. Don’t give up! And don’t fall for all the BS out there.

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