Marie Kondo admits she is struggling to keep up

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That’s right. The Queen of Tidy is having a hard time.

In the September, 2019 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, the international goddess of tidy admits that once real life hit, the career and the kids…everything changed. She admits that the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband and their two daughters (ages 3 and 4) isn’t always immaculate.

“To be honest, my situation has changed since I was single,” Kondo, who is a mother of two children, told BHG through an interpreter. “I’ve let go of needing to maintain a perfect home all the time.” She admits she finds herself attempting to balance family with work at her lifestyle media company—and sometimes, housekeeping falls by the wayside.

When Marie wrote her infamous book, she was single. No big career. No kids.

But real life hits us all, doesn’t it?

I was a lot like her. My furniture was always shiny. Everything was in its place.

I had friends that would turn my figurines around to annoy me.

If you dared put your feet on my coffee table, you were dead meat!

Yeah… until I became a working single mom.

And its really hard when you don’t have someone to show you a better way. And honestly, not many people know how to manage it all, and that’s a shame.

Once someone shows you, its easy.

I had no one to help me. That is why I offer so many ways to help you.

You can do it, and you don’t have to go it alone!


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