Men Rant

Man RaysI am appalled by the average man these days.

I’ve been blissfully single for like 19 years now. I was living on my own and loving it.

Then my financial situation got worse and I moved in with a friend. I’ve talked about him before. He is the one whose wife died of a major stroke at the age of 47. It was him and his 2 adult sons living in the house.

The house was in horrible shape. Totally disgusting.

While there is still a lot of work to be done as far as painting and replacing things, the house is clean.

And while nobody lifts a finger to clean anything, at least they are not leaving stuff laying all over and the dishes make it to the sink. Believe me, that is a big improvement. They are still total pigs in the bathroom. Its better than it was, but how they think that this is OK is beyond me. I will refrain from going into graphic details…

So what set me off today?

I was listening to a couple of girls talking about their husbands. Things they get mad about, things they say to their wives, the way they don’t make enough money to support the family so wife has to work, but they feel entitled to lay down and do nothing because they worked so hard.

When i get home, he asks how are you? I said I’m a little sore, had a tough day today. He goes and lays down.

Now mind you, this is not a husband, or even a boyfriend. We live in separate rooms and I pay to live here…

His temporary dentures fell apart a couple of days ago. So now I have to cook something that he can eat without chewing. I can either eat the same thing, or make 2 dinners. Which actually a choice I have to make often since he doesn’t like much.

He just lays on his throne and waits for dinner to magically appear.

He gets up early, so he pretty much goes to back to bed after dinner. I get left with all the clean up. The only time we really talk is over dinner.

He complains about not being able to find a girlfriend. I asked him once, what’s in it for her? Help pay the bills, shop, cook, constant clean up after a bunch of pigs – and you wonder why you don’t have any takers?

Its not that I can’t manage it. I can and I do. I have my systems for getting everything done. Its the expectation that rubs me wrong.

It used to be that men took care of their family, the bigger jobs around the house, and the cars. Now they don’t want to do any of that. They feel entitled to sit around and do as little as possible.

I really feel sorry for the younger girls. There are so many that can’t find a man worth anything. Any hopes of having a family are fading away for these girls.

It leaves us asking, where have all the real men gone?

What do you think?

Thankfully women are strong and capable and can do just fine without men.

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One thought on “Men Rant

  1. …AND they whine and boil saying “girls these days are too picky, too greedy (??!), too……. blah blah”, and that feminism, education & job opportunities have spoilt (?!) them thoroughly… blah blah..

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