Spring Clean Your Kitchen – week 3

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Spring clean your kitchenI’ve saved this part of spring cleaning your kitchen because you can really spread it out.

Whenever you get a few extra minutes, completely clean out one cabinet or drawer. Take everything out. If the items could use a washing, go ahead and do that. Wipe out the cabinet. Put everything back.

Then keep an eye on it throughout the year. I find that the lower cabinets and the silverware drawer need to be done more often.

And as long as you’re taking everything out, this would be a good time to organize and make things more functional, right?

I use tons of these in my cabinets and pantry, really all through the house –

Here’s another option –

You can free up a lot of space in your pots and pans cabinet by using a lid organizer. This one that attaches to the door will save you the most space –

Are you loving how clean your kitchen is?

If you missed the previous steps –



Want to get your whole house this clean?

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