Stain Removal

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For most laundry stains, I had a lot of success with pouring a little laundry soap on the stain and letting it soak before laundering.

Grease – Soak with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.

BLOOD—Soak in cold salted water (1 teaspoonful to 1 pint) for at least an hour. Wash in warm soapy water. Hydrogen peroxide also works, but with a lot more effort.

Ink – Soak with warm milk or hairspray. Yes, hairspray. I worked at a clothing store and you can imagine, ink on clothes was a fairly common occurrence. We kept hairspray in the store for this reason.) After a few minutes, gently scrape with your fingernail. This will remove most of it. Then gently work at the stain with a damp white cloth. Once you’re done, throw it in the wash.

Rust – My new favorite product for anyone with rusty water –

Seriously, this stuff is amazing! If you are going to use it on fabric, do a test first. I’ve used it on a white shower curtain and it worked great.

One of the commenters on Amazon said that it made his glass shower doors and marble worse. I have not had the opportunity to try it on glass, so maybe test a spot first. I don’t think I would use it on marble or stone. You can cause permanent damage if you use the wrong cleaners.

See the results in this rusty bathroom…

Pet Stains –

You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I used this a lot –

I could not find a listing for just one bottle, but the more I thought about it, if you have pets, having a bottle nearby would be pretty handy. When I think of how many times I ran downstairs to get the bottle, I get tired just thinking about it.

Between the dog and the cats, it got used quite a bit. But then I would spray it on all kinds of spills and dirt on the carpet and even on upholstery. Works when kids wet the bed too.

Stain Charts – a thing of the past?

It used to be that stain charts were a dime a dozen. Now I can’t find many. Maybe because most of the solutions didn’t work? Anyway, here are links to some I did find…

Stain Removal Chart | Clean Living | American Cleaning Institute

Of course, there are many stain removers on the market. You can always keep one on hand. I always check Amazon reviews before I try a new product.

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