Storing Holiday Decorations

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Christmas Decorations

Have you put your holiday decorations away yet?

I have some unorthodox methods for storing them.

A lot of people buy special boxes with dividers and all that. You don’t have to spend money on special storage.

I wipe down the decorations. Then if I have the original boxes, I’ll put them in there, and then put the boxes into a bin.

If I don’t have the original boxes, I wrap the decorations in paper towels or tissue paper. Some of the larger decorations I wrap in plastic grocery bags to keep them safe and clean. Then I pack all of those into a bin.

We have decorations from France and Luxembourg from World War II. They have stayed safe all these years.

The plastic bins are easy to stack and store, and they keep the decorations safe and dry.

You should put a piece of masking tape, or a label on each bin so you know what’s in them.

Try to put things in an order. I put lights, toppers, skirts, and the tree stand together since these are the things you would need first. Make sense?

I hope this helps you organize your holiday decorations. It will make storing them a lot easier. It will also make finding what you need next year a whole lot easier.


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