Switching gears to the next holiday

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Take a breathe breakStep back. Close your eyes for a second. Take a deep breath.

Feel better?

You can take a breathing break anytime things are getting to be too much. Once you’ve centered a little, you can think things through.

If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time, you know that self care and planning are the keys to staying sane. If you want to be able to perform your best you must –


  • Eat right
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink water
  • Get some exercise every day
  • Make some time to relax every day
  • Take care of your appearance
  • Plan ahead
  • Don’t put things off to the last minute


It makes you feel better when you look better. It increases your self confidence. You don’t do it for other people, you do it for yourself.

Your biggest life saver is a plain old spiral notebook. Every day you should plan what you need to get done that day. It should include your meals plans, how you are going to eat enough vegetables, when you will exercise, I mean every little thing. Once you write it down on the list, it becomes a commitment. You’ll be amazed a how much more you will accomplish. It sounds silly, but try it.

If you haven’t yet taken the new mini-course Wake up in Control, you need to! It will help you get a grip and manage the chaos.

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