Tackling the paper piles

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sorting papers

Yeah, I’m full of fun things to do during the cold, dull days of winter. But hey, its almost tax time. If visions of refunds are in your thoughts, getting your papers organized will pay off.

If you’ve got paper receipts, get them sorted.

If you use excel, or quick books, get all of your entries in.

Yeah, its just 2 sentences, but if you’re like me – it can take hours. I hate doing it. Every year I vow that I will be better about it… um yeah…

While you’re doing that, it might be a good time to make notes for your budget.

  • Are you making progress in lowering your debt?
  • Are you saving enough for retirement, vacation, home maintenance, goals…?
  • Are you giving enough?

During good times, its time to step it up!

What about the rest of your paper stacks?

The magazines with articles and recipes you want to save.  You can scan them into your computer. You can tear them out and sort them into folders. Throw the rest into the recycling bin.

The pictures you want to save for the vision board you’ll get around to someday.  Again, tear them out and sort them into folders.

Things you’re saving for scrapbooks… that you’ll get around to someday. Depending on the amount of stuff involved, you can either sort them into folders, or into those shoebox size storage boxes.

The beauty of most of this is that you can do it while watching a movie. Just not the computer entries. You need to focus on those.

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