Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and feel better than you have in years

Steak and broccoliWould you like to eat delicious food every day – all while losing weight, getting your health back, looking and feeling younger, and having tons of energy? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

These days it seems like just about everybody is talking about eating healthier. But not many are actually doing it.

I’m here today to tell you that eating healthier doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are quick and easy steps that you can take to eat healthier most of the time. You don’t have to be a saint, or vegan, or be on any of the other weird trendy diets that come into vogue.

All you need to do is eat a balanced diet of fresh real foods and live a healthier balanced lifestyle.

Don’t look at me like that. Its not that hard. Really!

If a working single mom can do it all these years, even when they were on food stamps – so can you.




Carole at age 57

My name is Carole Stannard-Pagan. I’m just an average person really.

I’m a working single mom. That means everything has to be fast and inexpensive.

I rarely make a dinner that takes longer than 30 minutes to get to the table.

I was even able to put out fresh healthy dinners even when we were on food stamps. 

At age 59, I’m back to the same size I was in high school.

I had my daughter when I was 35. I’ve always been the oldest mom. My daughter was a micro-preemie and has always been prone to getting sick a lot. By the time she was in 3rd grade, she had missed so much school, and I had missed so much work – I decided enough!

It’s time to get serious – 

  • Fast food would only be rare occasions.
  • No more pop.
  • We were going to eat more vegetables and take vitamins.

Eating a balanced diet of real foods solved all of our problems.

After these changes, the weight just kept coming off. People were asking me if I was sick because I had lost so much weight! (I actually lost too much weight)

We weren’t eating “diet” foods. We still had cheeseburgers, pasta, and lots of delicious foods. I just made it myself – cutting out packaged and fast foods, and served it up with more veggies on the side. (You can take that one tip and permanently change your life.)

And my daughter stopped getting sick! We went for over 2 years without one trip to the Doctor – and that was for a check-up for school. He pronounced her asthma free. How cool is that? 

The poor kid. She would go to her dad’s for a while, gain weight and start getting sick. She would come back by me and lose the weight and get healthy. She is grown and on her own now, and she cooks almost every night. I’m so proud!

It only takes one person to be a catalyst for change in your family.

broccoli saladMy daughter was so proud when everyone loved the broccoli salad she brought to the last holiday dinner. Her boyfriend who previously would not eat vegetables devoured the marinated vegetables. Now he loves salads. My daughter led by example. She made a vegetable every night, whether he chose to eat it or not. 

Our last holiday dinner was half vegetables. What a change!

OK, relax. Dessert was hot fudge brownie sundaes.  You don’t have to be a saint! The brownies were homemade though. No box.

Small Changes = Big Results!

One sister has been gradually making small changes, and they got a dog that they have to walk. They have lost a bunch of weight. He has lost over 100 lbs. She told me recently that she is afraid she is losing too much weight.

I know very well how she feels. I am too thin. That is a problem you’ll deal with down the road. When you eat a healthy diet, it can be mathematically impossible to gain weight.

I want to help you lose weight and get healthy too!

Its amazing when your body returns to normal – the way it is meant to be. We were not designed to eat chemicals. Give your body the right fuel and you will be amazed at what it can do. 

Is it your turn?

In Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and feel better than you have in years, you will discover –

Healthy eating made easyWhat is wrong with food today, and how the cards are stacked against you if you eat commercial foods

  • A fast start guide of what to eat when, and why – so that you can get off to a good start right away
  • How to remove the temptation to hit the drive-thru
  • Mind tricks that will help you overcome obstacles
  • The other missing ingredients that you need to lose weight successfully and keep it off for life.

 You’ll also get the Healthy Foods Finder –

Healthy-Foods-FinderWhat foods do you have to eat?

The question really is, what healthy foods do you already like to eat? I guarantee that there are a lot of healthy foods that you like.

You will also receive the Healthy Food Finder to make it easier to find foods that you and your family actually like to eat. There are 100 foods listed, and a description of the health benefits of each one. Many will astound you.

There is an exercise to go through with your family where you build a list of healthy foods that you all like, and you can start building your healthier eating habits based on these foods. People have a lot of fun with this exercise. You learn a ton about food, and you’ll always have something to talk about. 

No tofu or wheat grass, I promise!

“But I don’t have time to cook!”

Real Food Real FastThe biggest stumbling block is learning and actually implementing a healthier lifestyle – especially if you were raised on the typical American diet and have no clue where to even start. Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. I’ll help you get off to a good start and show you how you can put together healthy meals faster and cheaper than the drive thru.

I’ll never forget one night my daughter had an event at school. She was frantic. “We don’t have time to eat dinner Mom!”

I said, “Let’s see how fast I can get dinner on the table.”

11 minutes!

I very rarely make anything that takes longer than 30 minutes to get on the table. 

But – I’m not done yet!

You’ll also get the Small Bites Healthy Eating Coaching program. You’ll get healthy eating coaching in your email for the next 2 months to keep you going.

I’m not going to let you forget your commitment! If you want to learn to eat healthier for life and enjoy it – you need this.

At the end of it all, you will find that –

  • Your weight is in a steady decline
  • You feel better and have more energy
  • You are getting sick less
  • You are saving a bunch of money on health costs
  • Your kids are more behaved and their grades are improving
  • Your family is loving the meals you make
  • You have reduced your risk of disease
  • Your skin has a healthy glow
  • People are commenting on how great you look

I know you have probably been around the block a few times and you know what diet programs cost. And you know what poor health is costing you. 

I’m on a mission to help as many people get healthy as quickly as possible. I’m so excited to be able to make a difference your life. That is why I am making this whole program available for only $37. That’s just one time. No recurring or monthly fees. 

So, to recap – you get:

  • Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and feel better than you have in years
  • Healthy Foods Finder to help you find the healthy foods you already like to eat
  • Speed Cooking to help you get delicious healthy meals on the table in no time
  • Small Bites Healthy Eating Coaching delivered to your email for the next 60+ days
  • Email access to me if you have any questions or need some extra help

 All for just one little payment of $37. 

AND, if anytime within the next 30 days you feel that this isn’t working for you, ask for a refund.

So go ahead – hit the buy now button and lets get you started!



PS – Don’t be that person who just talks about it every year…

grilled chicken saladPSS – I have never ever heard a person say, “gee, I wish I had stuck with eating the unhealthy crap.”

Once you get over the hump, no one ever wants to go back to the fat and unhealthy lifestyle. Stick with it. You will love the healthier lifestyle.

I’m so excited for you! 


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