Warning for you 30 & 40 somethings…

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Why live healthy?

From the 60 somethings…

Use it or lose it is real!

So many people in their 60s are suffering from bad knees and joints, and they’re having trouble walking. I want to do fairs and festivals, and home shows, and well, walking. There is no one to do it with! Most of my friends have trouble walking.

Here’s the kicker – My daughter would love to do all of those things, but we live too far apart. Her husband will take walks with her, and that is good. But no one wants to do walk all day activities with us.

All you young people who don’t want to move, give it a while and you won’t be able to. Think about that.

And while we’re at it –

Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are real too. So are neuropathy, difficulty breathing, and chest pains.

Years of poor eating, sitting around, not getting enough sleep, stress, and other bad habits will catch up to you, and its not fun.

Do you have anyone in your life that suffers every day? Its heartbreaking.

And its infuriating!

Any time you mention anything that might help them you get something like, “I’m doing the best I can…”

I get it. I’m a cancer survivor and I still smoke. Less, but still…¬† I drink too much coffee and eat too many sweets. What saved my butt is that I rarely eat fast or packaged foods, and I stay active – but it won’t be enough.

When I watch my friend struggle to breathe to get to the bathroom and back, I think that it may already be too late, and if I don’t quit smoking soon…

It may not seem so important to you yet, but when you get over 60 and you are faced with suffering for the next 20 years you’ll wish you had done better.

We all need to do better – for ourselves and for our kids.

We need to show our kids how important healthy living is. The only way to do that is to be committed to it ourselves. Lead by example.

Start now! Do it before its too late.

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