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 summer over


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Bummer. Where did the summer go?

The kids are back in school.

Its getting dark earlier.

Its getting cooler.

Fall is here, and its time to get the house ready for both winter and the holidays.

But first - You've got to save all those vegetables! We have some great tomato recipes. And did you know you can preserve many fruits and vegetables in the freezer!

You'll find more delicious ways to use your fruits and vegetables under Recipes -  in side dishes, vegetables and salads.  Lots of good stuff!

See below for this month's featured articles.

I've made the Chicken with Zucchini and Tomatoes a couple of times already. So good!

Also this month, in Courses, you'll be working on getting your home life back in order with some simple habits that make your life so much easier.

Then, we've got to move on to getting that house cleaned so we can relax a little more through the holidays.

And don't forget to get your profile set up in the community. Let's start getting to know each other!



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