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Fall is really here. Heck, some areas have already gotten snow!

That means we've got to get it together and get those Fall Chores done!

How are you doing with your September assignments? In Courses, you should have at least completed building your new SuperWoman Habits, and you should be applying the house cleaning system in your home.

If you get these under your belt, your holidays will go so much smoother. And that means a lot less stress and a lot more free time. No more killing yourself to keep the house clean! No more being embarrassed when someone stops over.

If you're thinking about refreshing a room before the holidays, see Thought process behind a great decorating project on a budget for some helpful tips.

Don't let those fresh vegetables rot away! See how you can easily preserve many of them in the freezer.

Did you go Apple Picking? Check out the Apple Recipes.

Oh, and of course, there's Pumpkin Recipes...

And you'll want to check the ever growing recipes so you can put fresh, mouthwatering meals on the table fast!

That should keep us busy...



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