7 Fast Cool Easy Dinners

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1962 - Salad Hat

1962 – Salad Hat (Photo credit: clotho98)

Its hot! But we’ve still gotta eat. Here’s just a few ideas for refreshingly cool, fast, easy, satisfying, delicious summer dinners –

Aloha Salad with Grilled Tuna Steaks

California Chicken Salad

Dinner Worthy Chicken Salad

Family Style Cobb Salad

Honey Citrus Chicken with Pineapple Slaw

Honey-Ginger Glazed Salmon with Grilled Pineapple

Tuna Salad Sandwiches – Thursday night we’re having tuna salad sandwiches, a tossed salad, and maybe some fresh cool watermelon. The tuna salad is simply 12 ounces of tuna drained, 2 hard boiled eggs, small diced, fresh ground black pepper, and just enough mayo to hold it together. It shouldn’t be soupy. The mistake people make is using too much mayo, which covers up the other flavors. It sounds too simple, but people always like my tuna salad.

Serve the sandwich on a french roll or a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. A tossed salad with farmstand tomatoes, some watermelon on the side, and lemonade makes a great cool satisfying summer dinner.

Some of my favorite summer dinners can be as simple as marinating chicken or beef, grilling it up, and making a salad. Sometimes we’ll have farmstand corn on the cob, or watermelon, or fruit salad with it. The kitchen stays cool, and there’s minimal dishes. What more could you ask for?

Good eatin’ I’m telling you!

Stay cool đŸ˜‰

Click on the recipes tab above to find hundreds of ideas for fast dinners!

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