A Break From Chaos

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Everyone is so busy making their plans for this weekend. You know what? I am going to try to not go anywhere!

My 20 year old daughter just came back home. She moved her stuff in, including the dog – and then took off for a vacation.

I have to work Saturday until 2, and then go up to babysit my father for my step-mom. He has Alzheimer’s. I’ll fill you in on the rest of that story some other time.

Sunday and Monday, I’m going to to my best to not leave the property. I know I’ll have to grocery shop 🙁

I might work on trying to get my family room put together if its not too hot. If it is too hot, I’ll just jump in the lake and hitch a ride on some boat going by. You think I’m kidding, but that’s how it is around here.

I’m going to eat lots of salads and fruit, and maybe some steak.

I’m taking a well deserved, much needed break. Next week – it will be back to chaos!

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