Are your productivity tools sabotaging your life?

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Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, the very things that were supposed to make our lives easier are sabotaging our lives.

Cell phones were a great idea that filled an important need. If you got in a jam, or nneded a ride, or need to order a pizza on the way home – a cell phone is a wonderful tool.

Checking your email on your phone? That’s handy too if you are working with clients. If you absolutely must be available right now…

And bosses want you to be available all the time now.

So, take a call, answer text, check email, answer 3 texts, check all 2000 facebook posts, answer 2 more texts, hopefully notice that the car in front of you is stopped, check twitter, answer text, check the calorie counts on lunch, answer text , watch the funny video, share it with your friends, watch for replies, reply to each reply, answer 4 more texts, take a picture, post it, wait for replies, reply to each reply, answer 5 more texts…

This hasĀ gotten out of control. People can’t put the damn thing down.

My daughter is now working full time. She wants to go back to school, work out, juice, have a social life, and has to take care of the dog (ok, some of the time), and she needs enough sleep. She never seems to have time to dot he things she needs to do to reach her goals. I’ve been watching. I would say she easily spends 2-3 hours a day on that phone – texting and facebooking. Kids don’t check email.

My neighbor always has that thing up against her ear. You can’t have a 2 minute conversation with her without her answering that phone. And its always the worthless boyfriend. And if she does respect you and doesn’t answer the phone, she’ll make a comment so you know she missed an important call.

I have a facebook friend who is always complaining about how bad life is, yet is always on facebook. I want to scream at her – get off facebook and do something!

Or how about the people in line ahead of you? We’re all supposed to wait while you finish your call so the sales cleark can help you? Let’s waste everyone’s time.

Nevermind the fact that they suspect that they might give you brain cancer, and that your every move can be tracked, and that most people really can’t read, type, and drive at the same time…

The point is – if you don’t have time to keep up with life or work on your goals, maybe you want to take a serious look at how much time you are spending attached to that flippin phone.

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