Be thankful for the chaos

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Christmas Chaos

Oh how we complain…

There’s too much to do…

Too many people to buy gifts for…

Too many places to be…

I’m here to warn you – things change, and you will miss all the stuff you’re complaining about now.

  • Loved ones die.
  • Kids move out and start their own life. They have another family to appease, you see them less and less…
  • If you’re lucky – they live close enough to see you once in a while.
  • And if you’re really lucky, they will have kids and the family will start to grow again.
  • You retire. No more work parties.
  • And this is all before you get too sick to do the things you used to do.
  • You said you would never be like this, but now you don’t see the point of putting up a tree.

Take the time to appreciate every minute of chaos now. Down the road it will be some of your happiest memories.

And make it a point to spend time with those who are alone. They may not complain about being lonely, but they sure would love to see you. And they don’t care about getting gifts (but food is always welcome.) Your presence is enough.

And to help you sail through, be sure to visit the Insiders page.

Not a member yet? I’ve opened up the gifts article and the Christmas songs. You can read them even if you’re not a member yet. But why aren’t you? You can try your first month free…


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