Dusting Through Christmas

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Until next year...

Until next year… (Photo credit: Vanessa Lynn.)

Its a real pain in the butt trying to dust during the holiday season, isn’t it?

All those pretty decorations. Moving them to dust is a pain. And when you move them, many drop glitter and stuff. But you can’t not dust either. Company is coming and you want your house to look great.

Hopefully you dusted and polished well before you put out your decorations. Then the handiest tool you can have around is a good feather duster.

I mean a good one. Not the 99 cent cheapo.

Once a day or two, do a feather dusting around them and your decorations will look fine all the way through.

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2 thoughts on “Dusting Through Christmas

  1. Lea

    Did some dusting and cleaning around the house last week and boy, I felt like going to a gym session. I guess it is because I also have to move things around but I also believe that would not be the case if I just need to do some dusting and sweeping.

    Now that’s the reason that I do not display a lot of Christmas ornaments here at home, just red curtains and lamps will do.

  2. Carole Post author

    That’s funny. Sounds like you were on a roll!

    I have to totally Christmas out my house. Right now the tree is lit, we have classical music on and we’re sipping hot chocolate while the winds are howling outside. We’re peaceful and warm.

    Red curtains and lamps. Sounds enchanting. I hope you enjoy your Christmas!


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