Eat Yourself Thin

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negative calorie foods

Have you ever heard the term Negative Calorie Foods? 

Negative Calorie Foods take more calories to eat and digest than they contain. Here’s a whole bunch of them –

You can stuff yourself with as much of these foods as you can humanly stand, and still lose weight!

Broccoli   Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Chili Peppers

Cucumber   Garlic   Green Beans  Lettuce   Onion   Spinach


Apples   Blueberries   Cantaloupe   Cranberry   Grapefruit   Honeydew

Lemon/Lime   Mango   Orange   Papaya   Peach   Pineapple

Raspberry   Strawberries   Tomato    Watermelon

Well, that explains why I can’t gain weight! 😉

Now, add walking or volleyball, or frisbee, or golf, or swimming, or … and supercharge your weight loss.

I love summer!  

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