Give Valentines Day a Berry Special Start

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Brussels Waffle (known in the USA as Belgian W...

Brussels Waffle (known in the USA as Belgian Waffle) with Strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re all super busy. But, we would like to do something a little special to show our family that they are our best valentines, even if it is Thursday morning, right?

What fits the bill better than adding  juicy, sweet, (and healthy – gasp!) strawberries to breakfast? What a simple solution!

You can slice them up and throw them on cereal, or oatmeal, in yogurt, or on frozen waffles. Simple, right?

This morning, my daughter took a frozen waffle, chocolate hazelnut spread, sliced strawberries, and a little whipped cream. How’s that for a yummy creation?

If you have a litte more time and an overripe banana – you can make Banana French Toast topped with strawberries. Simply mash the banana with the egg mixture.

A little bit of Redi-Whip makes anything special, right? (NOT Cool Whip – read why here – )

Of course, you could use the healthy little gems to make a fast dessert too. Throw sliced strawberries on ice cream, or on a piece of pound cake or angel food cake.

**For best results, slice the strawberries the night before. Put them in a sealed container. They will be in a bit of juice by morning.

Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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2 thoughts on “Give Valentines Day a Berry Special Start

  1. Scotsgal

    I love the idea of strawberries with waffles Carole! I recently made what I called a Deconstructed Trifle, which was a slice of homemade sponge cake topped with strawberries, some good ready-to-serve custard, a dollop of double cream, and grated dark chocolate to top it off. Assembled on plates, there were no crystal trifle bowls to break, and everyone had only one portion!


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