Good News – Bad News

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What the heck?

The Good News is – We have an extra week to prepare for Thanksgiving.

The Bad news is – That gives us one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have you been a good little elf and taken care of your Thanksgiving Prep tasks?

Let’s go over the list –

_____ Deep Cleaned the house. (Members, did you finish the housecleaning course? You got this!)

_____ Have guest room ready. Plenty of clean sheets and towels, ready in case the weather is bad and you have unexpected overnight guests. (Or they drank too much to drive home…)

____ Finalize your menu. (Members login for sample menu.)

____ Touch base with people to find out how many are actually coming.

____ Assign them each something to bring. Even if it’s pop, wine, rolls, even napkins, whatever. Every little bit helps. Just make sure that you can count on the person you’ve assigned it to. My step-sister always brings the wine. My daughter brings the green bean casserole…

____ Buy dry goods, canned goods, etc. Stuff that can be bought ahead of time. (Members login for sample shopping list.)

____ Order any other special order stuff. Desserts, etc.

____ Do you have enough silverware? Drinking glasses? Chairs?

____ Get all of the good dishes and glass-wear washed.

Just make sure you have finished these tasks. The last few days will be a lot easier than you ever imagined, if you just stick with the plan.

And I encourage you to start your Christmas shopping. Start picking up stocking stuffers. There are probably one or two gifts that you could pick up now. It will be easier on your budget, and a lot less stressful.

Of course the cold and snow across much of the country had made it feel more like Christmas. I did listen to Christmas music in the car today. Next I’m going to pick my Angel Tree kid and get shopping!

I really want to start decorating…. I know, I know – Thanksgiving first. But the snow!

And if the season is getting you down, in the members area there is a new course called Finding Your Why. It can help you change your mood.



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