Happy Spring!

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Spring Flowers

I know, I know, not much has changed from a long year ago – And we are so, so tired.

But at least it is spring. We can start getting outside.

We had been making good progress in containing covid, but as people start relaxing – the numbers start creeping back up. And its spring break.

I hope it won’t be too bad this time.

We’re trudging towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We will get there soon.

Use that as your motivation to get things done.

Finish that spring cleaning.

Start cleaning up the yard.

Plan your gardens.

Walk around your yard at different times of the day and make note of the sun and shade coverage. Then head to someplace like Gurney’s and pick out appropriate plants. Don’t forget tomatoes! Home grown vegetables are so much better than what you get in the store.

I’ll never forget the year I ordered tall hedge for the back of the back yard and lilacs for down the side. When they came, it was just sticks. But I followed the directions and planted them. Oh how the neighbors laughed at me! Until the next year. I had quite the back yard oasis going on!

For tomatoes, I like to plant early girl, cherry, and beefsteak. Yum!

Long term planting aside…I think we should strive to be ready for outdoor entertaining by June 1st. That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Have the house and the yard looking good?

And to start getting that body ready for shorts and playing outside –

Start getting out and taking walks.

Start eating more vegetables and real food.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can drop pounds just by eating real food and taking walks everyday.

You’ve got a deadline to work towards now. Make it happen!

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