Healthy snacks are starting to sound a lot better – but are they as good as the writer says?

Its refreshing to find innovation in the world of healthy foods. One of the latest finds is ground chia seeds.

According to SPINS, “When ground, chia virtually disappears into food, unlike flax, which has a similar nutrient profile but a polarizing fishy flavor. Even chia’s unique texture has become a selling point for manufactures. In fact, in 2012, products with chia seeds or chia oil as a primary ingredient increased by 256 percent in the natural channel.”

So what? Still sounds icky, doesn’t it?

Well, read this description for a new healthy onion snack –

“Finally, Funyuns for the natural crowd. Each bag contains 7 ounces of yellow onions, which are deliciously sweet after being dehydrated using 100 percent renewable wind energy. The onions are coated with walnuts, cashews and chia and sesame seeds to deliver healthy fats, omegas and delightful crunch. Vegan and free of GMOs and gluten, this is guilt-free snacking.”

I couldn’t tell if this is actually on the market yet. I don’t think we are supposed to find this website – but I did 😉

If you want to look at some of the other food innovations coming out visit for the other 4 that were reviewed.

I wonder if they really taste as good as this makes them sound? I hope so. Don’t you?

I love onions! I can’t wait to try this.


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