How do you manage your precious time?

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You know, having more control of your time and your life really only takes a few simple tweaks to how you spend your time.

The typical American day looks pretty close to this –

6-7am – Daily prep

7-8 – Commute

8-12 – Work

12-1 – Lunch

1-5 – Work

5-6 – Commute

6-7 – Dinner

7-11 – Whatever

11 – Bed

With a few small changes, you can have way more control of your life, your home, your diet, and your sanity.

5-7am – Daily prep

7-8 – Commute

8-12 – Work

12-1 – Lunch

1-5 – Work

5-6 – Commute

6-7 – Dinner

7-9 – Whatever

9-10 – Nightly routine

10 – Bed

How can these small changes matter so much?

Lets start with Daily Prep.

Successful people don’t roll out of bed, throw their hair in a messy bun and drive to work. They take the time to get themselves together – both body and mind. They plan their day. They make sure their kids have a good start to their day.

Get yourself ready for the day – dressed, made up, looking and feeling good.

Eat a good breakfast while going over your plan for the day. Make your to-do list. Plan dinner. Put clean dishes away.

Then, take care of breakfast, lunches and such for the kids.

You’ll all start your day in a better state of mind.

Are you lucky enough to have an hour for lunch? Maybe you can knock off an errand? A lot of stores allow you to place your order and pick it up. That might be an option.

You have your dinner planned. Now its just a matter of making it. Hopefully you’ve planned something that doesn’t take a lot of time. Sit down and enjoy a nice dinner with your family, and then have everyone put their dishes in the dishwasher and put things away.

Now you have 2 hours to spend however you like.

Nightly routine –

This is when you make sure the dishes are done, the stove, counters and table have been wiped down. 10 minutes.

Things around the house are picked up and put away.10 minutes.

This is also the time I do my cleaning task for the day. 15-30 minutes.

Then its off to the shower. Do a quick bathroom wipe down when you’re done. 15 minutes.

Do not turn on the TV or check your phone. Instead, do some journaling or meditation, or prayer. It will clear your head and help you get to sleep.

Now when you get up, your kitchen and bathroom are clean and the house is picked up.

You are refreshed and ready to go.

You have more energy since you’re eating healthier. Oh, and you’re saving money too!

Pretty cool, right?

And don’t let that commute time go to waste. Listen to a podcast or audio book!

So you see, its just a matter of how you use your time. Can you think of any more time tweaks you could do?




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