How to remove allergens from your house so you can breath easier

IrisTree pollen counts were the highest they have ever been a few days ago. Allergy season is in full bloom and it’s already making for a miserable time for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma. But there are things that you can do to make breathing in your home a lot easier – 

Your first step is to brush any animals

Next – Your most indispensable tool will be the vacuum cleaner. Ideally you want a vacuum with a good filter

Next, take all of the bedding off and put it in the wash.

While it’s washing, vacuum the mattress and the pillows. Spend a lot of time on this step, being sure to do a thorough job. Spray the mattress and pillows with FeBreeze anti allergy.

Now take your brush attachment and vacuum the walls, ceiling fan, window ledges, everything. Open the window and vacuum the window well and the screen. 


Now thoroughly vacuum the floor.

You will continue to work your way through the house, but you want to get the bedroom of the affected person(s) done first

The first time you do a vacuuming for allergies, you will want to thoroughly vacuum walls, behind furniture, mattresses, pillows, upholstery, window and door screens, and vents, and dusting every crevice- including things like behind the TV and stereo inside the cabinet, the backs of furniture and the ceiling fan blades. Spend a little more time than usual vacuuming upholstery and rugs to let the vacuum get up the majority of the dust and pollen. Most people vacuum too fast and don’t allow the vacuum enough time to pick up.

A quick carpet clean and changing air filters and furnace filters finishes up the initial cleaning job

To maintain, dust ceiling fans, blinds, window treatments, and furniture, vacuum window screens and sills, especially if you leave your windows open

Vacuum all upholstery where pets make themselves comfortable. Thoroughly vacuum rugs and carpeting at least once a week

The vacuuming will take a little longer, but you’ll find you’ll be spending less time dusting, so it evens out.

You also want to change your hand towels everyday, just in case it’s a virus triggering the response.

If you have pets, keep them clean and brushed, and their living areas cleaned. Keep pets out of the bedrooms of affected people.

The things that typically trigger asthma is pretty long-

  • House dust mites found in carpeting, mattresses, bed linens, toys, upholstered furniture, dampness, poor ventilation, un-vented cooking, humidifiers
  • Animal-derived allergens from dogs, cats, rodents, and birds; 
  • Mold found in carpeting, walls, and windows, caused by leaks, poor ventilation, water damage, or dampness
  • Nitrogen oxides produced by space heaters or gas-fueled cooking stove, used with poor ventilation
  • Wood Smoke from wood stoves or fireplaces, used with poor ventilation, or faulty equipment causing fumes to come back into the room
  • Fumes from cleaners, aerosols- like hairsprays, perfumes and even air fresheners, pesticides, formaldehyde found in some older household products
  • Viral respiratory infections – exposure to infected people
  • Endotoxins from bacteria growing in soil, humidifiers, and other moist places
  • Cockroach allergen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Excess weight. Yes, overweight people are more prone to asthma

If there was just one thing you could do to minimize allergy or asthma suffering- it’s to become a vacuuming fanatic. The more you get into that bag, the less you have floating around in the air to breathe in. It’s healthier, and you’ll have less dusting to do

A couple of good air cleaners and some houseplants help keep the air-clean too

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