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Brassica oleracea viridis Cabbage at a market ...

Brassica oleracea viridis Cabbage at a market near Greenville, Mississippi. Image #96cs1134/CD1468-014. Deutsch: Weißkohl-Pflanzen Español: El col se cultiva en el municipio Česky: bílé hlávkové zelí Українська: Бруньки можуть досягати великих розмірів. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St. Patrick’s Day is next week, and many people delight in Corned Beef and Cabbage with their green beer.

I personally don’t care for corned beef and cabbage, but it always reminds me to make stuffed cabbage, which I did this week. It was wonderful! My daughter loved it.

I think part of what makes it special is that I only make it once a year. No reason, I just don’t get around to it.

What’s even better is that cabbage is very healthy.

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables contain compounds that help prevent breast cancer.

Cabbage is also a good source of Vitamin K.

And if you didn’t know, beer does have some health benefits, as long as you only have 1 or 2. Once you have more, it becomes a bad thing. And no, you can’t save up your beers for the week and drink them all in one day.

And for the kids, Green Eggs and Ham of course!

Disclaimer – food dyes are not  good for you and they stain. Just sayin.

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OK, get those parties planned!


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