Like a bad neighbor – Macys is there

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Wilsons Leather

Wilsons Leather (Photo credit: polomex)

We just got back from a trip to the mall to wish a friend happy birthday.

We went in an entrance that we don’t use real often. But it looked so desolate. Something had changed about Rain Forest. As we rounded the corner, the first thing we saw was that Serpent Safari was closed. Really?

Dressbarn was closed. Wilson Leather outlet was closed. What the heck? I can’t put my finger on the other stores that were gone, but half of that wing was empty.

Turns out, Macy’s didn’t want them there. They made Rain Forest turn off the waterfalls. They were too noisy.

Really? One store has that kind of clout?


Serpent (Photo credit: gizmo 07)

We really liked Serpent Safari. My daughter was always dragging out of town friends there.  We guess that having snakes and such next door must have been distasteful.

And Wilson”s was great for deals. They had great prices on all kinds of coats, not just leather. And tons of Kathie bags and other cute bags at really good prices.

What was their problem with Dressbarn?

Our favorite stores were not good enough for Macy’s.  That puts a real bad taste in my mouth.

I know Gurnee Mills has wanted to shed the old outlet mall roots, but we don’t need another high priced mall – which I guess is what it is turning into. That’s too bad. It makes me sad.


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