Little Choices – Big Impact

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Eggs sunny side upEvery day we make probably thousands of little choices that don’t seem significant.

Sometimes the choice is not really immediately significant, by itself. But when you make that choice over and over again, it leads to not so good consequences.

Making a choice to not have the car fixed today because you don’t feel like it may have immediate consequences. So might showing up for work late, or taking money out of the register.

For the purposes of this article, I’m talking about little, seemingly innocent choices.

I was thinking about this as I made breakfast this morning.

Its Sunday morning and you are alone. Would you –

  • Eat a candy bar, or leftover pizza?
  • Get dressed and head to the nearest drive-thru?
  • Eat nothing?
  • Make yourself breakfast, because you are worth it?

The sad thing is that very few people will make the last choice.

Here’s the really ironic thing –

Yesterday I made 2 eggs over easy with sausage and toast.

Today I made french toast and sausage.

Both meals were dirt cheap.

Both meals took like a whole 10 minutes to make. It would take longer, and requires more effort to get dressed and head to the drive-thru.

But many people say, “Oh, its just me. I don’t feel like cooking just for me.”

Do you ever say that?


Aren’t you worth it?

Stop telling yourself you’re not. Stop it right now!



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