Pace Express, night one

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So, we decided to pop in a Pace Express DVD and just see what we are in for.

The DVD had a scratch and my darling daughter started carrying on. I sort of rubbed off the DVD and put it back in. It worked fine. I’m not sure why she has such a negative attitude about this.

We were watching the first workout when I decided it looked easy enough – so I started working along with it. My daughter decided that she had to change clothes first. I guess there’s a dress code?

I’ll tell you what – This is a lot harder than it looks.

OK, I know the whole point is to get to where you are breathing heavy and your heart rate is up, but I was a little timid when it came to pushing it. I might do the first session over again tomorrow. Emma stuck with it pretty well.

If this was August and I had been out cleaning the beach and playing with the dog, I would have been fine – but we’ve been rather sedentary for the last couple of months. Which is exactly why we need this program.

The old Pace program was an ebook, and impossible to follow. The DVDs are so much better. The original program talked about strengthening your heart and lung capacity. The main selling point now is fat loos, even though they do mention breathing sort of in passing. I guess no one would buy it if it were focused on health. My daughter does want to get healthier, but her focus at the moment is the muffin top. I want to get healthier.

I’ll let you know how it goes on all counts.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?


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