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Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food that might be found across cultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had a delightful family dinner last weekend with –

Roasted farm fresh chicken

Salad bar with mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, baby shrimp, hard boiled eggs, and colby cheese.

Green Beans with almonds. I know I always have this, but its one vegetable that is not corn that my dad will eat.

Baked potatoes. Real oven baked. No sour cream.

Garlic cheese breadsticks

German Chocolate Cake

A very simple dinner, but everyone loved it. My niece was thrilled – it was all foods she likes to eat. Chicken is the only meat she eats. My stepsister who was in town from LA, is a healthier eater. Even my Dad ate everything. Its a hard group. My niece says I’m 3 for 3 on dinners. That always feels good!

So, I spent Sunday and Monday boiling up chicken carcass, picking off all the meat, and making broth for soups. I used to just make a pot of chicken noodle soup. I got smarter this time. I made it plain. Now we can have Tortilla Soup, Mexican Wedding Soup, and Chicken Noodle soup! And I see that yesterday was National Homemade Soup Day. Good timing.

Plus, I still haven’t made the split pea soup, or the stuffed peppers, or the stuffed cabbage. Winter better hang around a little while. We still have too much good food to get to!

All the recipes are inside….


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