Picking what to make for Easter Dinner

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Rabbit foodSo, Easter is at my house, and everyone is coming.

I don’t usually have Easter at my house and when I do, its usually a small easy affair. This year I’m looking at dinner for 12.

What to make?

So of course there is ham.

The only vegetables my dad will eat are corn and green beans – so green bean with almonds is in.

I have a taste for sweet potatoes. I feel like I make those for every big dinner, but a lot of people like them – so they’re in.

One sister is bringing this orange apricot jello she makes.

I feel like we need one more dish.

The salad bar idea is great, but now we have that at every dinner. I’m sure everyone would love it, but it takes up a lot of room, and most of us eat salad every day now.

Deviled eggs, au gratin potatoes, mac and cheese are all too much work and too much cholesterol. (I’m thinking we’ll still end up with deviled eggs. Maybe my friend will come early and help.)

Mashed potatoes? Boring…

Further complications – I have one diabetic who recently had a heart attack, and one that can’t have dairy of any kind. Oh, and did I mention that my dad won’t eat vegetables?

So I’m getting inventive.

I figure I’ll make some marinated vegetables, and I’ll boil up a bunch of red potatoes. My dad can eat plain potatoes with a little butter and salt and he’ll be happy. the rest of us can mix the vegetables and potatoes. I’ll have to let you know how that turns out.

And for dessert? Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes.

How about you? Are your dinner plans set? It’s getting harder with all these dietary restrictions, isn’t it? Are you dealing with any of that?


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    1 thought on “Picking what to make for Easter Dinner

    1. Carole

      Update – The marinated vegetables were a great hit! Even my dad ate them. With Alzheimer’s you never know what to expect. The potatoes didn’t get cooked in time, so we never got to try that. Oh well.

      My daughter made a broccoli salad that was also devoured.

      This time the green beans were barely touched. You just never know….

      The hot fudge brownie sundaes were also a big hit. I made a batch of brownies from a recipe at Taylor Made Ranch. They were very chocolaty! But it didn’t look like enough. So I made a batch of Tollhouse brownies for comparison. There was no comparison.

      Oh yeah, the ham and sweet potatoes were good too.

      It was a great day. This morning I am enjoying relaxing in my clean, quiet home. 😉


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