Start your spring cleaning in January

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cleaning shelves

The dull, cold days of January are the perfect time to start your spring cleaning.

The holiday stuff is put away (or soon to be…)

Its too cold to be outside.

The days are dull and gray, we could use a little shine in our lives.

In January, I focus on cleaning out all shelves, polishing wood, washing nick-knacks, wiping down books, washing silk plants, and wiping the leaves on real plants.

I just do a little here and there. There’s no rush, we’ve got plenty of winter to go…

Homemaking has gotten such a bad rap. They make it sound sooooo hard.

I blame Martha for a lot of it.

I was listening to an interview that Martha Stewart did on Daily Mail recently. She said that her friend Stephen Spielberg told her that she has taken homemaking to another level.

Yeah, unreachable, undoable, hard, …

Working women don’t have time for Martha’s methods.

And lets not forget, Martha doesn’t clean her own homes, and she has a staff of writers.

Do you want real methods that work from a working mom who actually does it?

Then join our club! Its the most complete homemaking resource on the Net.

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