Summer Doldrums and stop complaining

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Fresh Thai Vegetables

Fresh Thai Vegetables (Photo credit: Barry Gourmet and Raw)

Its hot. Its dry. People are having trouble getting their boats out on the water the lakes are so low. Yeah, we thought it was so great not having any snow last winter… And did I mention – its hot?

The gardens are shriveling up – along with the crops. Lawns? That’s a joke.

I can’t wait to see the electric bill.

Aren’t you sick of hearing people complain?

Aren’t you sick of complaining?

Nothing is ever perfect. We can always find something to complain about. It seems to be a lot harder to find the good in any given situation.

Every morning has been sunny and beautiful. Have a cup of coffee outside.

Almost every evening has been beautiful. Mercifully it has cooled off most nights. Get out and walk the dog and talk to the neighbors.

The corn crops are going to be really bad this year. That doesn’t seem like a good thing, does it? Consider that anywhere from 70% – 90% of the corn grown in the US is GMO and we shouldn’t be eating it anyway. Even Walmart caved in and will be selling GMO corn. The price of corn syrup will go up, making plain old sugar attractive again. Soybean crops will be affected too. Good! Maybe we’ll see a decrease in cancers and thyroid problems? For those of us who don’t eat packaged foods it won’t matter much. For those who do – it might force a change to healthier eating.

Baseball games have not been rained out.

There is still a ton of good summer food to eat. Fresh vegetables and grilling make this a great food season with few dishes to wash. God gave us watermelon, lemonade, and cold beer just for times like these.

Sweating is good for you. And now we don’t have to pay for a sauna to do it. The shower feels really good too.

Challenge – Can you find something good today?

I’m off to enjoy that shower and a nice cool night’s sleep. Pleasant Dreams!


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