Survive holiday stress with S.E.N.S.E.

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Christmas TreeThe holidays are almost here – you have a few days left to finish shopping, baking, cooking, house cleaning… Feeling the stress?

Here’s the S.E.N.S.E. system for surviving it all –

S.leep – yes, its hard, but try to get 7 hours of sleep a night. You are not productive or fun when you are stumbling around dead tired.

E.xercise – Yes, exercise. Exercise relieves stress. Take a walk with no mission to clear your head. Dance. Use that treadmill that is sitting in front of your TV with clothes piled on it. You will feel better, I promise.

N.utrition – Eating right is easy to overlook when junk is all around you, you’re pressed for time, and let’s face it – who feels like cooking? Do it anyway. A salad , chicken breast and a glass of juice packs a big nutritional punch that will keep you going. A burger and fries will stop you dead in your tracks. Ask yourself – “how will I feel when I finish eating this?”

S.tress Reduction – Quit making mountains out of mole hills. Yes, we have a lot more on our plates for the next couple of weeks. Everyone does.

– Get things done – don’t put them off. That will relieve a lot of stress.

– Stop anticipating problems. If you expect to have things go wrong, many times they will.

– Learn to let things that aren’t important roll off your back. Sometimes it is what it is and all the complaining in the world won’t change it. But it will make you and everyone around you miserable. Let it go.

E.njoy yourself – Yes, allow yourself to enjoy the holidays. Be grateful for family, friends, and the things you do have. Put your diet aside for the day and just eat reasonably. Laugh, even at stupid jokes.

Every night – take a look at the Christmas tree and experience the wonder. They are still magical. Find your peace while you sip on a cup of hot chocolate, or Bailey’s.Make sure to take a few minutes here and there to feel the magic of the season. It is all around you if you just take a minute to notice.

Make it a point to feel the magic of the season!


How to keep your house looking great without killing yourself – even through the holidays!

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