Taking back the house

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take back the kitchen

We made it through another Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. And I really didn’t do that much.

The emotional strain of covid is really taking its toll, isn’t it?

So, here we are. The presents laying around.

The kitchen that is still not really cleaned.

That takes a toll on us too.

So, its time to tackle the monsters and take our home back.

Most of us have at least gotten the garbage out. That’s progress.

_____ Now we need to find homes for all those new things.

_____ Put away the things we only use this time of year – the baking dishes, roasting pans and such…And put them where they go.

_____ The leftovers should be either in the freezer, or thrown away. The containers washed and neatly put away. The refrigerator shelves wiped down.

_____ The stovetop, rangehood, and microwave cleaned.

_____ The cabinets wiped down.

I know you wipe the counters and table down every night, right?

Remember, we work smart – not hard. Take one of these tasks every night. You’ll have it done in no time, and start the New Year off right.

I’m right there with you. These are all things I have to do too.

We’ll tackle the decorations next week…

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