Thanksgiving Eve Preparations

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It is the night before the big dinner and most people are running around like chickens with their head cut off – but not you!

Cut up any fresh vegetables. Put in the refrigerator in zip lock bags. Or in the case of celery or carrots, put in water. Especially if you make the fancy curly cuts, radish roses and such. The cold water actually makes the curls happen. I know, nobody does this anymore. Not even me. But they are really cool looking.

Vegetables do start to lose nutrients the moment you cut them open. So nutritionally it would be best to not cut the vegetables yet. But unless you are really good at this big dinner stuff, I would suggest getting as much done the night before as you can.

Potatoes can be cut and placed in cold water in the refrigerator too.

Make any salads, jello molds, deviled eggs… stuff like that.

Make sure desserts are completed.

Put tablecloth on the table. Set out dishes and silverware. Cover with a towel to keep clean.

Check to make sure turkey is almost thawed.

Wash turkey roaster. I use a foil roaster and just pitch the whole mess when we’re done. I know, not the best thing for the environment.

We’re getting down to the wire! Not to worry though, you have it under control.

The shopping is done.

You’ve done a thorough housecleaning.

The baking is either assigned, or done

Now we ease into the final stretch ………………..

Now get a good night’s sleep.

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