The days are running together

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Here it is, the middle of July. July 4th came and went. Nothing remarkable. The days are just running together with nothing really to look forward to. Are you feeling this way too?

The truth is, we do have something to look forward to – Life after Covid!

The Spanish Flu ended. This too shall pass.

What we do now can determine what our lives look after Covid.

Its also a good time to take care of things you’ve been putting off for years.

In my case, it was some boxes that have been sitting for 3 years.

The above picture is the organizing in progress. Its always a mess in the middle. It was at that point I wanted to give up, but couldn’t. That had to be cleaned up!


So, what does this have to do with my future?

Well, it will be less to move when I move on from here.

Its less stuff crowding my space.

Its one less nagging thing on my mind.

I’ve also bought some courses on line and I’m working through those.

I’m planning on a better life after this. How about you?

While this time is sort of frustrating, and even depressing – we have to look towards the future. Otherwise, we’ll get swallowed up by this thing.

Take care of yourself. Eat well, get exercise, sleep, … You don’t want to come out of this worse, right?

One of our members has successfully been doing keto and has lost 16 pounds so far. Good job Carleen!

We may not have much to look forward to tomorrow, or next week – but we do have a life after Covid to look forward to

And please do your part to try to shorten this thing – Wear your mask, keep distanced, wash your hands, you know the drill.

We’ve seen the devastating consequences of those area where they have poo-pood the recommendations. Please be part of the solution – not part of the problem.

What kind of project can you work on this weekend?

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