This was hard

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I’ve worked my butt off. Seriously – its gone!

So, I had a 2 br apartment in storage. I moved it into a small 1 br apartment. Problem #1.

It snowed the day we moved the furniture. This cold weather has not made things any easier.

From there, I cleaned and sorted. Every piece of furniture, cookware, flatware, … you get the idea. Every piece of wood had to be cleaned and restored. The upholstery all smelled musty. Imagine having to clean every item you own. It was pretty overwhelming.

It was all sorted into keep, charity, and not too much went into garbage. I really needed to buckle down and only keep what I would really use. I gave away about 1/3 of my stuff. It sat in piles in the living room for a couple weeks until I could get help moving it back out.

I was surprised that after a few years, my taste had changed some. I no longer wanted anything peach or lacy. I also have no use for all the dalmatian bedding. It doesn’t look like there will be grandkids anytime soon.

Lesson – Open those boxes and bins you have stuffed in the basement, the garage, etc. once in a while and donate or toss stuff. Doing it all at once is a nightmare! And you don’t want to leave it all for your kids to deal with – do you?

I had to really get down when it came to the kitchen. There is no room to store things I really don’t use. It took a lot of thought to get things set up efficiently.

There was one cabinet to use for pans and such. The baking dishes and mixing bowls are in the back. I can get to everything easily. I don’t use a fancy pan stacker. I use paper towels in between the frying pans to keep them from getting scratched up. And everything in there has been washed.

There is no drawer for towels, so this was one solution.

There as no place for hanging dish towels and pot holders. The fridge opens against that wall, so I couldn’t put anything that stuck out too far. This is a cafe curtain rod.

The linen closet in the hallway is now the pantry. The sheets and towels are in the walk in closet.

There is still more organizing to do, but I have moved on to decorating.

How’s your spring cleaning going? Since 2/3 of the country is cold, raining and/or snowing, it seems we have more time…

My prayers go out to all of those in the southern states who have been affected by the severe storms. And of course to Ukraine. Makes our spring cleaning seem petty, doesn’t it?

More pictures coming soon. Stay tuned!

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