Tired to Tears

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When you’re a working mom, every day requires a little bit of push to get things done and running smoothly. I sincerely hope that my rituals and tips have helped make your life easier to manage.

But there are those times when you just can’t do another thing. When you are tired to tears.

I had one of those last night.

We got 3 inches of rain yesterday. The water started seeping into my downstairs family room about 3:30. It didn’t stop raining until 6:30 or so. But the water doesn’t stop seeping for hours and hours.

I finally gave up and went to bed around 12:30. The dishes were left in the sink, and I went to bed with dirty feet. That never happens!

So of course today I had to deal with everything that didn’t get done yesterday. But I’m not beating myself up. You just pick up and get things back under control.

But I did find myself feeling depressed today. My logical mind knows that it is because I was tired and overwhelmed, but that doesn’t stop the emotional mind.

I made a good dinner – Chicken wraps with refried beans, cheese, lettuce and salsa. Yum! One of my favorites. The dishes are done. The house is pretty much back under control. I got most of my to-do list done. I’m feeling better.

So what is the point here Carole?

The point is, as much as I preach that you’ve got to give it that extra push and get things done, there are times when you need to cut yourself some slack.

The same is true for diet and goals. Sometimes things don’t always work out the way we hope. Some days your diet is just out the window. Some days you have a setback with your goals.

Sometimes we have a bad day. Sometimes a bad week. Treat yourself kindly and with compassion.

But then, you dust yourself off, put the pieces back together, and get back on track.

The problem arises when you let things continue to spiral out of control. That’s when you get depressed, gain weight, lose control of the house and so on.

What would you call it? Emotional balance maybe?

You can’t be Suzy sunshine all of the time. You can’t be “on” all of the time. We are human after all. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break.

Just not too long…

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