Training your kids to live on their own

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Eating Out

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Summer vacation is over. Schools have started. The company where I work is in full busy season mode. We work mostly with school athletics and all of the coaches have returned from summer vacation and are ordering their decals and uniforms for the fall season.

I’m only working 10 hours a day. Others are working 12, 14 hours. I try to keep some sort of semblance of a balance. You know, eat, sleep, keep the house clean...

My daughter and I have managed to strike a balance working as a team. That’s been pretty cool. I get dinner set up, or at least planned. My daughter gets off work before I do – so she comes home and gets dinner made. She’s working at SportDecals too, so she gets to see firsthand how crazy busy it is.

It all comes down to having a plan.

There have been a few nights when she didn’t feel like cooking. Of course the option is picking up something. She has chosen to go home and make dinner most of the time.

  • Eating out is expensive.

  • Eating out is not very satisfying.

  • Eating out makes you fat.

  • Eating out takes effort too.

I think I told you about our conversation about when you are ready to live on your own. I told her that when she can do all of the things that are required to run a household without being told; then you are ready.

She knows how to do it. She just hasn’t gotten to where she actually can do it all. And she’s not in a hurry to leave yet anyway. She’s still going to be in school for a while. She’s loving her classes this year.

I know that when she is ready – her house will be clean, she will eat healthy, her kids won’t be raised on fake food, her laundry will be done, and she will still be able to make time for fun.

I can’t believe how much she has grown. I’m very proud of her.

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