Voting with your wallet still works

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Stop genetically modified organism(s) - GMO. R...

Stop genetically modified organism(s) - GMO. Read comments! (Photo credit: artist in doing nothing)

Regardless of what goes on in the legislature – your voice is heard the loudest when you vote with your money.

Yes, the GMO labeling law did not pass in California. But you the people are reading labels and shunning products with dangerous ingredients. The companies are feeling it.

Whole Foods is not the health meca they were made out to be. People started questioning why they should shop there and pay more money only to get the same stuff with a healthy label slapped on it.

Walmart’s healthy food initiative was immediately made unbelievable when they said they would sell GMO sweet corn.

Blueberry products with no blueberries in them have hurt the cereal and bread industries.

You’ve learned that just because it says healthy on the front label doesn’t make it so.

And when you read a label and put it back on the shelf, people do notice. Its kind of funny. You can see that they really want to ask you “whats wrong with it?”

People are noticing. I was next to a semi the other day. It had pictures of fruit painted all over it, and something about a mango something juice. But then I noticed “Non GMO Project”. The light had changed, but I was straining to see what company it was.

As more people move to a diet of real food, companies are starting to realize that they have to change. Mike Adams reported that companies are meeting with the FDA to establish GMO labeling. See his article here – and more articles below.

The next industry to feel the crunch should be the pharmaceutical industry I would think. As people get thinner and healthier, they won’t need drugs to survive. And we’ve already stopped believing that a pill can solve any problem, right?

Can we really change things before its too late? It looks like maybe we can after all!




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