What will the next generation eat for dinner?

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Subrata Ganguly, traditional Indian home maker...

Subrata Ganguly, traditional Indian home maker making Rotis for their dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did your mom teach you how to cook?

Have you taught your kids how to cook?

I mean real cooking – not stuff out of boxes and cans. No – doctoring it up doesn’t count…

The answer for most people is a resounding NO. Heck, most parents can’t cook, let along show their kids how to cook. That leaves our kids pretty defenseless against the commercial food producers.

I’m a little older. At first my reasons for eating healthier was to help my daughter, who was born premature, have a healthier life. Being sick all the time sucks. Taking meds is costly and has tons of side effects. God forbid you have to deal with frequent doctor visits or trips to the hospital. Even with insurance thats a big bite out of your already shrinking budget.

I accomplished the first part. Now that she is 20, I want to instill in her the desire to stay healthy. For her to make it a priority in her life.

In an odd turn of events, she is now working part time in the same department that I work in. She usually gets off before I do. She will go home and start dinner. At this point, I still have to have it planned – but with direction she can handle it.

Imagine the surprised looks on the other lady’s faces when my daughter announces that she is going home to start dinner.

Of course the other part of it is time. We don’t have a lot of free time. By the time we’ve eaten and walked the dog – she pretty much has to take her shower and get to bed. She gets up at 4am for another part time job. If she waits for me to get home and start, we won’t have enough time.

What about fast food? We had that discussion this morning. I left the option open. We both agree that –

  • it doesn’t taste very good.
  • it doesn’t make you feel very good, and
  • eating at home is cheaper.

She chose to come home and start dinner. I have managed to pass on a legacy of health for her and the family she will have someday. I feel pretty good about that.

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