What’s looking good in the produce aisle this week?

Teriyaki Bowl
Teriyaki Bowl (Photo credit: Shawn Econo)

When I was growing up, we didn’t have access to all these fresh vegetables like we do now. We survived through the winter months with canned vegetables. Ick!

No wonder my generation thinks they don’t like vegetables.

But now, all kinds of fruits and vegetables are available all year. Such a treat! Many will say “oh, but the vegetables have traveled across the country, so they’re not really fresh.” In some cases that is true. Just because they’re there, doesn’t always make them good.Here’s what I found this week –

Cuties are done. Naval oranges are good.

The green beans have been crisp and really sweet.

Stuffed Peppers עברית: פלפל ממולא Hrvatski: pu...

Stuffed Peppers עברית: פלפל ממולא Hrvatski: punjena paprika Magyar: töltött paprika Русский: Фаршированный перец (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bell peppers are so pretty and flavorful. Grab bell peppers now!

We’ve been making our own version of Chicken Teriyaki with red bell pepper, onion, and broccoli. So good!

Or maybe you want to do some stuffed peppers. I haven’t gotten around to them yet. Have you?

Try Stuffed Peppers, Italian Style  or Sausage Stuffed Bell Pepper


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