When there is too much to do

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Plastic sample of spaghetti tomato sauce

Plastic sample of spaghetti tomato sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, even with the best planning – there is just too much that needs to be done. Something’s got to give!

We’ve had 2 snow events in less than a week. The last one was a foot. It started snowing Tuesday afternoon and the major snow stopped Wednesday morning. That meant shoveling Tuesday to make sure everyone could get their cars in. Going out later to put a dent in the snow because everyone would need to get the cars back out the next morning. Then, get up early the next morning to dig the rest of the snow that had fallen overnight.

Then, it continued to snow lightly all day and all night. Another couple of inches. It was like a part time job!

I was lucky. For some reason, I had all the makings for the 4 dinner plan. We had sandwiches instead of wraps, but you get the idea.

As long as you have chicken, stuff to make spaghetti sauce, salad fixings in the fridge, and French bread and rolls int he freezer, you can survive even the worst of weeks.

You might be tempted to grab fast food, but let me tell you – during weeks like this you need your energy. You can’t afford to eat foods that will drain you.

OK, gotta run. Have a great day!


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