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New Year Fresh Start


Its finally 2022!

Life was full of uncertainty last year. It took its toll on us in so many ways.

Now we have a new year ahead of us. Its time to get off to a fresh start, get back to basics, and reclaim our life.

I know I've sure been slipping in a few areas. Its time to get back on track, don't you think?

I've got 2 email courses to help you get things under control.

Email courses?

Yes. A few years back, I had an email course called Whole Life Overhaul. The students made lasting changes.

With a book, or an ebook, or even the courses on this site, you read a bit, maybe you even finish reading it. And then ... we don't apply it. Then we forget about it.

With an email course, you get one step-at-a-time. Its not so overwhelming. And you're reminded to keep on track.

I've signed up for many online courses where they leave you on your own. Life gets busy and I forget. Has this ever happened to you? As hard as I try to be disciplined...

With an email course, you are reminded to keep up.

The first course is Core Habits.

This course will help you establish (or re-establish) good habits that will help you keep your house cleaner with less effort, eat healthier, be more organized, save money, and so much more. You'll get an installment every day or two with a simple task.


Small Bites Healthy Eating Coaching

This course will help you eat healthier, lose weight, be healthier, have more energy, and look great - one small bite at a time.

You'll learn the truth about healthier eating and dieting.

Yep - you don't have to at all vegetables and tofu.

You don't have to totally give up pizza and cake.

You don't have to be a stick in the mud.

You'll be able to be thin and heatlhy and still enjoy food.





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