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Here are the shopping lists for my traditional Thanksgiving Dinner -

2-3 weeks before

Foil Roasting Pan (cook and toss)

Aluminum Foil

Brownberry Stuffing – Sage & Onion (yeah, I cheat here) (1 bag for each 10 lb.)

4 packages French's Turkey Gravy mix. For homemade gravy- Cornstarch or flour.

It’s a good idea to have mix on hand, just in case! Laureys is full of icky stuff.

Bag of Marshmallows

Brown Sugar

1 bag slivered almonds

Large bag of Green Beans (for green bean casserole.)

2 packages frozen cranberries

1 can Fried Onion Rings

2 cans mushroom soup

2 cans Black olives

1 jar green olives

5 lbs. of Butter (I know. Any left can be used for cookies)

Can of Whipped Cream (it will hold up fine) or you can make your own. Its easy and tastes wayyyyy better.

Lemon Juice for lemonade, or tea for iced tea, or both for Arnold Palmers.

Pop, beer, or whatever your family drinks

Canned Pumpkin

Pie crust



Flavored Creamers

Dinner Napkins

Dawn Dish Soap

Dishwasher soap

Scrubby sponges

Paper towels

Toilet Paper


I'm also assuming you have the seasonings you need – but you may want to double check your recipes. You can find all of my holiday recipes here if you need them.

Also check bath soap, shampoo and toothpaste. You don’t want to run out of these things if people stay over. I like to have a couple of extra toothbrushes on hand too.

Also check things like Tylenol, Tums, Band-aids, etc.

If you want to be a really great host/hostess, go to the sample size aisle and buy

small deodorants, mouthwash, etc. for guests to use.

I order the croissants and birthday cake. I used to make all the desserts too, but

then I got smarter ;-) I do make the pumpkin pie.

So what does that leave for the next shopping list? Not much:

Turkey  (Remember, you need 3-4 days thawing time for frozen turkey.)

Bag of baby carrots, or fresh green beans (whichever you are serving)

4 - 6 Large Sweet Potatoes

5 lb. bag of potatoes

Green onions



Eggnog (not good for you, but …)

Breads, or rolls, or croissants....

Just think, this year you can actually enjoy dinner!



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